Global carbon trade

A technology platform to accelerate and internationalize China’s efforts to achieve carbon net-zero.

Our Vision

Countries have compartive advantage in reducing certain types of carbon asset. A global platform that allows countries to trade carbon asset is the next step for global cooperation in carbon reduction.

Our Mission

Build a marketplace platform for global carbon trading, where carbon assets verification and monitoring are in real-time, empowered by satellite image technologies and AI.

Our Plan

At macro level, we provide macro carbon monitoring for 3000+ Chinese counties and districts. At micro level, we help carbon asset buyers to verify carbon assets at facilities, and identify high potential carbon assets through satellite images and AI.

Verify afforestation and deforestation in real-time and planetary scale

Unleashing the power of AI and remote sensing

  • Real-time
  • Planetary scale

Massively reduce human measurement errors and information friction in the market

Monitor carbon emission at facility level

Bring in the power of cutting-edge carbon monitoring satellites

  • Monthly data
  • Since 2015

Provide a birdeye view on carbon emission


Harvard iLab: 2021 Fall semester batch

Harvard China Forum Startup Pitch 2022: Final Round Runner-up Prize

MIT Clean Energy Prize: Semi-final

MIT 100K: Semi-final

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